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Hahnemann Pure Drug Co. Pvt. Ltd.

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  • Hahnemann Pure Drug Co. is one of the most reputed manufacturers of homeopathic medicines in India. It is abbreviated to form the brand name “HAPDCO” which has become synonymous with quality homoeo medicines, it has wide distribution network all over India. At HAPDCO the products are made strictly according principles laid down by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, with improved benefits of the latest quality control technology resulting in a wide range of homeopathic medicines which conform to the most exacting pharmaceutical standards. HAPDCO offers the most comprehensive range of homeopathic medicines and the company remains at the leading edge of innovation, developing new products to meet today’s needs and packaging them to suit today’s lifestyles.

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  • Company Name: Hahnemann Pure Drug Co. Pvt. Ltd.
    Business Type: Manufacturer ,Exporter ,Retailer ,Supplier
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