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Raj Cooling Systems Pvt Ltd

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  • Name RAJ is a full form of “Refreshing Air Journey”, Air which is sucked by the cooling pads has little droplets of water and while passing through propeller, it blows with the highest velocity along with capturing the coolness. When these water droplets strike with a body, it make us feel better. Here, Air we feel having some new incarnation.
    We are engaged as manufacturer and exporter of Cooling Towers, Air Coolers, Polycarbonate Ventilator Base Plate, Roof Ventilators, Natural Air Ventilator, Turbine Air Ventilators, Air Ventilation System, Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet, Fiber Sheets, Disinfection Tunnel, Disinfectant Sprayer, Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and much more.. We design all our products with utmost precision incorporating advent technology keeping in mind established quality parameters of the industry. Our effort is to deliver the most extraordinary products to our customer.

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  • Company Name: Raj Cooling Systems Pvt Ltd
    Business Type: Manufacturer ,Exporter ,Retailer ,Supplier
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