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Maa Durga Enterprises

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  • Maa Durga Enterprises manufacture While wheat which is the most common base for flour, maize flour has been important in Mesoamerican cuisine since ancient times, and remains a staple throughout the Americas. Rye flour is an important constituent of bread in much of central Europe, and rice can also be used in flour, though this is relatively uncommon.Welcome to the hale and hearty arena of Maa Dura Flour Mill – one-stop-shop bringing wide gamut of Wheat Flour Products, Wheat Bran (Chokar), whole Wheat Flour (Atta), Fine Wheat Flour (Maida), Semolina-Coarse Fine etc. We manufacture white whole wheat flour having high nutritional level for the proper development and growth of body. 

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  • Company Name: Maa Durga Enterprises
    Business Type: Manufacturer ,Supplier
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